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Automatic Instagram
Data Tracking

Tracks your bloggers' Instagram profiles and helps you to make sure their media content matches your advertising needs.

Why you need Hypelitix

Collect and save all your influencers' media activity in real time

Control your bloggers' ads content and format

Stop wasting your budget on promotional campaigns with unscrupulous influencers

Acquire wide and flexible abilities to analyse the collected activity with machine learning technologies

How It works


Add Instagram Accounts

Upload the list of tracked bloggers' accounts using the Web Dashboard or API. Apply individual scan settings for any account

  • Supported file formats: XLS, TXT, CSV
  • API for bulk-add

Track your bloggers' activity

Get notified about new published stories and posts on your bloggers' accounts

  • Server-to-Server notification via Webhook API
  • Caching history for 14 days

Get your Result!

Obtain bloggers' activity history in the Web Dashboard or via API. Search for specific ads content and make sure it matches your needs

  • Filter by date, hashtags, brand mentions etc
  • Download cached media using Web Dashboard
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Flexible Billing System. Individual approach to clients. We are ready to work with clients' tasks and adapt our services to them.

Automate your Analytics
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Automate your Analytics

Why us

A unique service on the market for downloading and caching Instagram stories and other media content

Image post-prosessing with Google AI Vision API for OCR purposes

Individual approach for any client. We are ready to adapt our service for your needs.